Solar Gard window films are a cost-effective solution to energy efficiency. These products enhance the performance of glass in commercial and residential applications and provide an elegant look to your home or business. Available in a wide variety of colors and intensities, Solar Gard window films range from relatively undetectable finishes to more reflective films that increase privacy, enhance building appearance, and reduce solar energy penetration up to 80%.

From cozy homes to expansive high rises, every building benefits when using Solar Gard architectural window films which provide energy savings, comfort enhancement, added privacy, and fade control. Four main film series are available to choose from: Stainless Steel, Solar Bronze, Aluminum, and Low-Emissivity.


Solar Gard window films start working from the moment of installation—blocking 98% of damaging ultraviolet light and as much as 82% of uncomfortable solar heat; resulting in:

  • Improved interior climate and comfort.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Reduced glare.
  • Improved exterior appearance.
  • Increased protection from interior fading.
  • Enhanced safety from broken glass.
  • Strong, factory-backed warranty.