Armorcoat films meet the increasing demand for improving the safety of existing window systems. In the event of an accident or explosion, it has been proven that flying glass causes the majority of injuries. Because Armorcoat bonds to glass, the threat of injury from shattered windows is greatly reduced.

With the ever-present threat of terrorism, Armorcoat meets the mandated standards and guidelines set forth by high-level government agencies. These products have been installed in facilities throughout the world, including the Pentagon.

Armorcoat films range in thickness from 2 Mil to 14 Mil providing varying degrees of protection. In addition to clear safety films, Armorcoat is available in tinted, solar control versions.

Superior Protection

Using a strong adhesive system and optically-clear polyester, Armorcoat Safety Films provide a greater level of protection than standard window films and have a strong factory-backed warranty. Select Armorcoat films have passed the impact requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) (Title 16, Part 1201, Category II) for architectural glazing materials impact standards. Armorcoat provides an effective and non-obtrusive defense against intruders, accidents, explosions and weather – helping to save lives and protect your property.

Natural Disasters & Water Damage

During extreme weather conditions, Armorcoat safety and security films hold windows in tact, reducing the threat of serious injuries caused by flying glass shards. When broken glass is held in place, the threat of additional water damage is decreased.

Theft & Home Invasion

Armorcoat safety and security films can help deter intruders by making a window more difficult to penetrate. Law enforcement agencies have credited Armorcoat with deterring “smash-and-grab” thefts from residences and businesses.

Sun Damage

All Armorcoat products eliminate 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet energy and our solar control (tinted) Armorcoat products can reduce solar energy transmission up to 77%. Additional benefits include improved occupant comfort; reduced energy consumption; enhanced exterior appearance of your home or office; and protection of furnishings, window treatments, and carpeting against fading.

Tested & Proven

Armorcoat films have been tested and proven by independent researchers and consumer safety groups worldwide.

Bomb Blast Simulation

Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA), an independent research and product-testing firm, conducted high-explosive tests to evaluate the capability of Armorcoat window film to reduce the hazards of flying glass shards during an explosion. ARA detonated the equivalent of 500 pounds of TNT just 60 yards from framed glass samples with and without Armorcoat film. The unprotected glass shattered and projected upon impact, while the Armorcoat-protected glass remained safely within the frame.

Storm Simulation

To simulate heavy wind load and wind-borne debris caused by storms, Armorcoat was put through a series of impact testing performed by Hurricane Engineering & Testing, Inc.

Small Missile Impact Testing – simulates airborne roof gravel. Ten 8mm steel ball bearings are shot directly at a standard sliding glass door with Armorcoat safety film bonded with a standard structural sealant at 130 feet per second (88 MPH). Armorcoat passed the test meeting Miami-Dade Protocol, SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress Int’l) and FBC (Florida Building Code) codes.

Large Missile Impact Testing – simulates a 90-100 MPH wind zone. A four-pound 2-by-4 is shot directly at an untreated, standard sliding glass door and a standard sliding glass door with Armorcoat safety film bonded with a standard structural sealant at 40 feet per second (27 MPH). Armorcoat passed the test meeting FBC code.

Cyclic Pressure Testing – simulates hurricane force winds as high as 175 MPH. After the impact testing, the Armorcoat system is put through a series of 9,000 cycles of negative and positive pressure to prove its endurance after breakage. Armorcoat passed the test meeting Miami-Dade Protocol, SBCCI and FBC codes.

On The Job

We have many notable installations and are especially proud of being the approved General Services Administration (GSA) vendor for Armorcoat Safety and Security Films. Recent GSA installations include the Pentagon, the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Headquarters building, and the Department of Energy. Armorcoat is also on the job protecting US and foreign military bases, airports, and embassies around the world.