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The ALMO Corporation is the largest distributor of major appliances in the United States, and a leading distributor of consumer electronics and wire & cable products.A pioneer in cutting edge IT services and logistical support for its national dealer base, ALMO applied the same high standards when it sought a lighting service partner to reduce warehouse lighting operating costs at its Philadelphia, PA headquarters. After considering our experience, reputation for excellence in service and our acknowledged best-in-the-industry proposal, ALMO chose Aelux.


ALMO’s warehouse lighting had a problem common to many older distribution centers—the lighting configuration was inadequate for the racked aisle layout.Inefficient 400 watt, metal halide fixtures were hanging directly above product instead of providing satisfactory light levels where actually needed—in the aisles.


While some lighting consultants merely install new fixtures in the existing configuration, Aelux identified the need to redesign the warehouse lighting arrangement for energy efficiency.Our photometric analysis assisted us in the development of a design solution that replaced 204 metal halides with half as many 3 and 4 lamp T5HO fluorescent fixtures, cutting system wattage by a staggering 72%, and exceeding IESNA light level recommendations for warehouse lighting.The installation of occupancy sensors further improved the cost savings and cut energy waste by assuring that lights are on only when needed.

The savings were beyond all expectations.ALMO realized a remarkable 82% annual cost savings, an average electric savings of $48,563, and a ROI of 92%.In all, Aelux achieved a total energy reduction of 404,690 kWh, and an annual decrease of 818,688 pounds of CO2—the equivalent to removing 69 cars from the road or planting 9,523 trees annually.

ALMO’s facility management personnel were so delighted with the dramatic improvement and resulting reduction in maintenance expense in the warehouse that they asked us to redesign their office lighting.As part of our commitment to our energy partners, Aelux provides ongoing bill analysis to substantiate energy savings—analysis of ALMO’s utility bills prove that the cost-saving benefits of the lighting retrofit and redesign continue to accrue.

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